Agate is one of the most powerful luck stones as it comprises multiple minerals. The soothing powers of Agate makes the wearer feel calm and safe regardless of where they are. It is said that Agate can help heal inner anger and anxiety while strengthening relationships. Agate is also known to transform negative energy into positive energy. 

Agate is popularly believed to sharpen the mind, improve concentration, enhance analytical abilities and perception.  This stone is perfect for balancing the energies in life 

Agates are most commonly found as nodules within the cavities of volcanic rocks. These cavities are formed from the gasses trapped within the liquid volcanic material forming vesicles.

Agate comes in many types. One of the common ones is Blue lace agate and it is known to promote encouragement and the flow of positive energy. It also brings about calmness in the mind. This stone is associated with relieving negative thoughts and freeing an overthinking mind which ideally helps the wearer to sleep peacefully and feel rested.

There are many types of Agate such as Lace Agate Crystal, Turritella, Carnelian Agate Gemstone, Coldwater, Greek Achate, Fire Agate Types, Brazilian, Polyhedroid, Botswana Agate Gemstone, Plume, Condor, Holley Blue, Moss Agate Crystal, Tube, Fortification, Lake Superior Agate Gemstone, Binghamite, Patuxent River, Enhydro Agate Crystal.

Fun fact:

Agate is easy to give shape to. Bowls made of Agate gemstones were treasured by many kings. King Mithradates also showed a likeness toward this spectacular stone as he had thousands of agate bowls in his collection.

Did you know ancient people carried carvings that the people believed would protect them from hazards, and some even had Korans verse or a symbolic figure carved into Agate!

How to use Agate

There are many ways to use Agate. It can be worn as jewellery, placed around your home as decorations be it coasters or bowls. You can also place Blue Lace Agate on the eyes for tired eyes.

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