Amethyst - A Powerful and Protective Crystal


Birthstone: February

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

💜 Benefits of Amethyst:

Amethyst, a powerful and protective stone, is believed to be a natural tranquilizer as it can relieve stress and soothe irritability. It can also balance mood swings, dispels anger, fear and anxiety. Amethyst can help dispel negativity. It may activate spiritual awareness, open intuition and enhance psychic abilities. Amethyst is believed to have strong healing and cleansing powers. It can also help relieve insomnia. Amethyst is considered a stone that brings luck and is often associated with Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is a birthstone for February borns and is often favored by Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces zodiac signs. 

Amethyst is generally referred to as an all purpose stone as in addition to all the virtues above it also brings good luck and has special effects on channeling happiness, love and affection.

Amethyst, in the early days was mined extensively in Russia and Siberia however now large amounts of amethyst is mined in Brazil and Uruguay.

💜 Fun Fact:

The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst would protect the owner from intoxication, thus the literal translation of amethystos means 'not drunk'

💜 How to use Amethyst:

You can carry a small amethyst crystal in your pocket or purse or wear jewelry made from amethysts, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Place amethyst crystals in your home to promote a peaceful space. You can also place it near you during meditation or sleep. 

Amethyst is one of the crystals that can be placed anywhere be it kitchen, bedroom or living room. To attract more wealth some say you can place Amethyst at the far left corner of your bedroom or living room. Simply stand facing into your room and identify the far left corner.


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