Crystals as Massage Therapy

Healing crystals have been used to aid massages for centuries. Using crystals in massages can reduce muscle pain and effectively release blocked energy stored in the mind and soul. Crystals interact with the body’s chakras, to help heal and balance the mind, body, and soul. You cannot see it with your eye, healing crystals and cells in our body are made up of the same type of energy.

Different ways to incorporate crystals in to your massage 

Before a massage: Crystals can be used to detox the aura and balance the energies in the body and open up the chakras for the benefit of a massage. You can use cleansed crystals to clear your mind, body and soul.

During a massage: Crystals are most commonly placed on the chakras for additional chakra healing during messages. Healing crystals help stimulate the flow of energy and alleviate blocked areas. Calming and grounding effects are often experienced when using healing crystals in a massage.

There are no rules as to how long you can keep the crystals on your body. You can keep them on until you feel better so simply listen to your body. Most people prefer to keep healing crystals on their body for up to 30 minutes when at a spa. If you’re doing this at home, we recommend to use 2 - 3 crystals only in order to feel the best aftereffects and avoid overstimulating your chakras. Crystal massage wands are generally used in critical areas by professionals. 

Around you while massaging: Placing crystals around the person while massaging can purify the space and help ward off negative energies.

Alternatively, a bedtime massage is also said to help alleviate stress and calm your mind for peaceful rest. Simply choose a crystal that you feel attracted to. Rub it upwards starting from your feet. Once the feet feel relaxed you can move upwards to your calves, then thigh and all the way up to your head. Always try to focus on what you are doing and how it makes you feel. Being mindful and paying attention is key to help the healing process. Popular crystals used for bedtime massage include clear quartz and amethyst.  

Face Massage 

Among all crystal lovers, rose quartz is the most popular stone that makes skin look happy as Rose quartz is known for circulation and self love. Some even place their skin care products on rose quartz plates to infuse their products with beautifying energy. Jade rollers are an almost equally popular choice for facials. Jade is also known for helping skin heal, restore, and purify. Additionally tree agate, carnelian, and poppy jasper are known for improving the skin. 

The idea of using crystals for face massages actually started with the ancient Egyptians! The story goes that Queen Isis, the goddess of Life and Rebirth, collected rose quartz stones from the river Nile and used them to massage her face for a clear and glowing complexion. Jade stones from China have been used since the 7th century and are still used today in Gua sha treatments. In India, other crystals are also used for skincare.

Guasha tips can be found in the image below

Yoni massage

Yoni eggs are healing crystals in the shape of an egg and are worn inside a woman's vagina to help create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Since its insertion involuntarily does make you perform Kegel exercises, it eventually can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Other benefits include reduced incontinence, reduced risk of uterine prolapse, stronger grip during sexual intercourse, and eventually, stronger orgasms.

Word of caution: If not used properly, the egg can also cause some tension in the pelvic muscles which could lead to bowel strain, muscle spasms, and lower back and abdominal pain. Therefore, please be well informed about the process before using it. Ideally please seek advice from a holistic coach or your gynaecologist before using it.

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