Garnet is a highly energizing stone that is often said to attract and stimulate passion and success within the wearer. It changes the energy from your environment to work in your favor and benefit you. It is believed that Garnets can help reduce toxins, purify blood, and provide soothing and calming effects to the wearer. It can dispel emotional blockages as well as energy blockages along the chakras that could be limiting your vitality. Garnet helps you get rid of old patterns that don’t work for you or hinder your progress. Garnet can help create energetic and emotional balance in the body by working with your chakras.

Garnets do not just protect its wearer from negative energies, but it may also deflect those negative energies back to their origins. This is particularly useful when the wearer faces a situation such as being the victim of gossip, negative remarks, harassment or even lies. Garnet resonates most with Sacral Chakra, which means you can place a garnet near that Charka to reap benefits whereby it may help clear blockages and help energy flow more freely. Garnet helps attract abundance and prosperity, protection, enhancing relationships in a variety of ways, on many levels for the wearer.

Garnet is often associated with love and relationships because of its alluring red color that symbolizes a strong love or romantic connection. It activates the energies of passion and desire.

Garnet also symbolizes perseverance and strength and is known as a “commitment stone,” which reinforces commitment. The ancient Egyptians hailed garnets as a symbol of life. The stone was also used for many medicinal purposes in the Middle Ages.

Wearing jewelry made from Garnet can bring balance to the wearer, boost their confidence, bring love, abundance, wealth, and success.

Fun Fact:

Garnet is the birthstone of January born. It is also popularly given to commemorate the 2nd wedding anniversary. The most common garnet gemstone is deep red, though it is sometimes found in green. Did you know, through the ages, soldiers have carried garnets into battle to protect themselves from injury or death.

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