There are many ways to clean your crystals. Here are some simple ones you can do at home. 


Water has been a means of purification from time immemorial. Simply place the crystal under running water for one min and visualize the negative energies being washed away. This method is common to use on hard stones such as Quartz. 

Not suitable for soft stones like Kyanite and Selenite.

Salt water

Salt has been popularly used to dispel negative energy all throughout the years across various cultures. For this method, you can collect a bowl of salt water. If you are close to a beach, you can get a bowl of seawater, else mix 1 tablespoon of salt (any type will do) into a bowl of water. Fully submerge the crystals for a few hours. We keep the crystals submerged for 2 - 6 hours at most. Post the soak, rinse the crystals under running water and pat them dry. This method is suitable for hard stones such as Quartz and Amethyst.

Not suitable for porous stones like Malachite, Selenite, Calcite 

Bigger stones 

Using large crystals such as slabs of Selenite or a goede and place your stone on the slab or in the goede for it to be cleansed. You can leave your crystals there for around 24 hours. This method is safe for all types of crystals. 


Singing bowls, chanting, tuning fork or bells also have a cleansing effect on crystals. The sounds should be loud enough that the vibrations pass through the crystals. Usually around 5 - 10 minutes is enough for this method and it is suitable for every type of crystal. 


Smudging your stone with sage helps clean the crystals as well. For this method you will need sage (smudge stick), firesafe bowl and matchsticks. Light the smudge stick, hold it one hand and with the other hand move the crystals through the smoke to rid it of unwanted energies. We recommend keeping your windows open when using this method. Holding the crystals through the smoke for 40-60 seconds is enough. This method is suitable for all stones. 

Sun or Moon

Placing crystals on your window sill to be exposed to natural light (sunlight) or the moon also helps get rid of unwanted energy. We do not recommend leaving stones out too long in sunlight as it may affect the color of your crystals. We recommend to set your stone out before nightfall and removing it around 11:00am so you get benefits of the sun and the moon. This method is suitable for most tumbled stones however we do not recommend this method for amethyst, rose quartz, celestite, halite, and other vibrant stones.


Burying your crystals in the ground can also cleanse your crystals of unwanted energies. We recommend keeping it buried overnight. This method is suitable for all types of crystals. 

When it comes to cleansing crystals, regardless of which method you choose, it is most important to breathe fully and visualize the unwanted energies going away while only good vibes remain. 

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