Labradorite - The Natural Birthstone for February and March

Benefits of Labradorite:
Labradorite is known for its changing colors, thus this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth. The gemstone labradorite is believed to stimulate the throat chakra. Preferred to be worn by healers and energy workers, as this is strong stone for protection against negativity and the harshness of the world. Labradorite is a gemstone of expression in the verbal sense. It enhances creativity and balances emotions as well.
Fun Fact:
Did you know that Labradorite has been found in some meteorites. Labradorescence is a term used to call the unique optical effect displayed by Labradorite. The optical effect is iridescent.
How to use Labradorite:
Labradorite can be worn as a necklace as it may help open your throat or third eye chakra. When you wear Labradorite as a ring, it will boost the energy of your hands and promote healing and productivity. It will develop your hand's sensitivity so that it becomes a powerful source of healing!
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