Onyx: The Strength-Giving Stone

This gemstone wards off negative thoughts and sharpens the wits of the wearer. Black onyx helps improve concentration and devotion which is why many prayer beads are made of black onyx. Onyx is a strength-giving stone, it boosts confidence and is useful for athletes or people going through a tough time. Onyx brings about self control, alleviates worry, stress, and anxiety and eliminates confusion and nightmares. It is used to connect to the divine and bring about clarity of one's roots and reality.

Onyx encourages clear thinking and is considered the mystical birthstone of December. It is also the stone for the Leo Zodiac sign. Black Onyx is often associated with the Base Chakra while Green Onyx is associated with the Heart Chakra. Onyx is commonly given on the seventh and tenth wedding anniversaries

Fun Fact 

In ancient times Onyx was believed to have a demon imprisoned within that would awaken at night, creating discord, especially between lovers. Nowadays, strength-giving Onyx is a protective stone for dark nights and lonely places.

How to wear Onyx 

Onyx can be worn on the little finger of the left hand or the middle finger to enhance its benefits. You can wear Onyx in the form of jewelry such as a necklace, ring, bracelet and pendant, etc. Onyx are generally set in silver as the base metal. Onyx malas are also widely used to assist meditation.

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