What do crystals have to do with Halloween? Which crystals and why?

Using the night of Halloween to perform rituals is a long standing tradition and actually the original purpose of Halloween. This is the most sacred time of year for cleansing yourself and your connections, letting go of energies that don’t serve you anymore through healing crystals. We recommend you to cleanse your crystals before the ritual takes place. Focus on your intention while performing your Halloween ritual to have a positive goal as your purpose.

Black Obsidian for Protection

Black Obsidian is a great protection stone. It helps to connect you deeply to the universe and allows for real change. It can help you release the past and embrace the new goals. Carry a piece of Black Obsidian with you to keep you protected, not only spiritually, but from all the mayhem in the environment that is part of Halloween. There is a lot of energy going on that day, and it's important to be able to ground yourself. Black Obsidian is one you definitely need for this holiday! 

Amethyst for Spiritual connection

Amethyst is a great protection and connection stone. It works to connect you to the realms while protecting you as well. You may feel a heightened sense of awareness and connection to the universe as Amethyst is also associated with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. Amethyst can keep you calm as it helps you connect with the metaphysical world. 

Carnelian for grounding

Carnelian has grounding properties as well as gives you energy and creativity. It has a lot of fire energy! Carnelian will keep you excited for change as well as keep you protected and stable. You may feel a surge of will power and zest for life and what it has to offer. Also goes really well with the Halloween Costumes! 

Labradorite - Enhance Psychic Ability

Labradorite can help enhance psychic abilities and is an interesting stone to have for your Halloween ritual. The cosmic colors can take you on an adventure in to your intuition and it will be a ride to remember! 

Black Tourmaline for cleansing

Representing cleansing and grounding properties is the Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is an excellent choice for a cleansing crystal as it soaks up all negativity, clearing the air for positive light. Black Tourmaline can guard and protect you and your surroundings creating a feeling of stability in the mayhem of Halloween. 

Red Jasper for nurturing

The Supreme Nurturer Stone - Rad Jasper can keep you grounded by stabilizing your energy, bringing a sense of balance and harmony. Halloween is fun with all the spooks but you should not let it affect your sense of stability and wholeness. Red Jasper can encourage you to spend time on self-reflection and healing. 

Onyx for balance

Onyx can help you feel balanced throughout the Halloween ritual. This stone can help you keep dark thoughts and negativity at bay. It can also instill a sense of strength and will power for you to take the necessary steps in order to move forward and let go of unhealthy habits. You may find strength to face your fears head on and do something about it.

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