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Chakra Natural Stone Set

Chakra Natural Stone Set

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Whether you're practicing Reiki or looking for some positive energy, our Natural Chakra Stones can help bring you calm in chaos
  • Set of 7 chakra stone include: Amethyst (Crown Chakra) Carnelian (Sacral Chakra), Yellow Jade (Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra), Clear Crystal (Third-eye Chakra), & Red jasper (Root Chakra),
  • Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual. Can also be used in conjunction with a chakra wand. Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura.

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Material: Natural Crystal Stone
Unit: 7 pieces

Disclaimer Statement: The use of stones, crystals, and other related products as a wellness therapy is a personal choice and we do not guarantee any treatment, cure, or prevention of any diseases. Please consult your Health Care Professional for information on health care issues and do not stop any medications or courses of treatment, without first consulting your Health Care Professional.

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Customer Reviews

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Frieda Abbott

Chakra Natural Stone Set

Sincere Wisoky

Chakra Natural Stone Set

Grace Cormier

Good quality parts. Good printing. Measures correspond with the advertised. Very satisfied.

Sheila Bradtke

They are real stones, small but very pretty

Malachi Rohan

Chakra Natural Stone Set