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Natural Amethyst Crystal Ball

Natural Amethyst Crystal Ball

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Crystals are believed to have healing properties that – when holding them or placing them on one's body – can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals supposedly do this by positively interacting with body’s energy field, also known as Chakra. 

Crystals are a conduit for energy that can be utilized for healing, useful for clearing stale energy in home or workplace, great talismans for helping children and adults sleep, and enhances focus and productivity. There are multiple benefits of using crystals, it is believed that they can help raise energy in homes and offices, attract personal and professional wealth, clear energy blockages, ward of negative energy, support health, manifest visions and dreams and help one feel and look fabulous!

Amethyst is said to be incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. It’s claimed it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It’s also said to help promote sobriety. Sleep is another claimed benefit of this stone, from supposedly aiding in insomnia relief to understanding dreams. Physically, it’s said to boost hormone production, cleanse blood, and relieve pain and stress.

Material: Natural Amethyst Crystal Ball
Size: 60 mm - 100 mm Diameter

Disclaimer Statement: The use of stones, crystals, and other related products as a wellness therapy is a personal choice and we do not guarantee any treatment, cure, or prevention of any diseases. Please consult your Health Care Professional for information on health care issues and do not stop any medications or courses of treatment, without first consulting your Health Care Professional.

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