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Strawberry Aromatic Soy Candle

Strawberry Aromatic Soy Candle

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Benefits of Soy Candle:

Soy candle is made from environmentally friendly, renewable materials. Not only are they “green”, but also soy candle burns slower. This means you get a candle that lasts longer. Candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and results in less soot. Soy candle is an excellent fragrance carrier that does not require chemical amplifiers. The result is a well-balanced true to scent candle.

Product Details:
Material: Aromatic Soy Candle
Shape: Strawberry
Handmade: Yes
Function: Home Decoration, Meditation, and Healing Ritual 
Size: Large 4.5 cm x 4cm, or Small 3 cm x 4 cm
Color: Red, or Pink
Burning Time: Approximately 15 - 30 minutes 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Isobel Stamm

Delivered to Almaty in 20 days. So happy with the purchase :)

Khalil Ritchie

Excellent candles, very realistic look, delicious smell, perfectly packed, came without damage, thank you

Buck Watsica

Slightly not as bright as in the photo, and the smell is good.

Brayan Emard

качественные и очень вкусно пахнет, упакованы очень хорошо

Lisette Sanford

pięknie zapakowane super eyglądają i przepięknie pachną